Aquarium shots

Getting good feedback from my aquarium shots, which is nice. Something I will continue with especially now with the hot weather around the corner. Indoors, air conditioner and peaceful.

So, a lens I want to talk about it the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 what a beast of a lens!!!! Now the mark 3 has been released leaving the mark 2 price to come down.......? NO, it is such a good lens the mark three release has hardly affected the price of the mark 2.


The focus movement happens in the barrel not outside which is just awesome and the focus distance at 16mm is crazy close, something like 0.28. This lens is perfect for aquarium photography.Yes, you do need the 2.8 not the f4. Never before has the difference of f4 to f2.8 come into play so much.

That is it for today

Have a good one