Hello and welcome back


Taking a break from the zoo due to the insanity of people. Long story short, security rent a cops are THE WORST. So stupid I cannot even continue talking about it.


So, off to the aquariums where iPhone people realize it isn't going to work and quickly give up. Saying that today was an exception. I especially liked a certain person SAT IN THE MIDDLE of the walkway taking a picture of her husband and kid AGAINST GLASS with a DARK TANK as background?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! As she looked at her camera about 10,000 times with a confused look on her face wondering why the magic box isnt working, she decided to give me a dirty look because apparently I was in her way even though she was in the way of 1,000 people. I really do not understand it.

So anyway, aquarium photography is the hardest, most challenging photography I have come across so far. So many things come into play, equipment plays a huge part in it as well as knowledge. This is a prime example of separating the men from the boys or women from the girls.

Something I read earlier this week was this "Learn a little of a lot and a lot of one thing"