Change of system

So after being attacked at the debut of the Cheetah cubs I kicked off about it all as it was too crazy and now the system has been changed to what I said it should be.

Funny how I am the bad person in all of that when all I was doing was taking photographs. Everyone moaning because I stand there for 5 minutes, WTF is that? Secondly don't moan at me being in the same place if you cant get there early enough or go there the day before to check the area. My god, I have never in my life come across such childish behavior.

Security said move, yeah they did because they are stupid!!!!! Even the zoo management agreed with me, so for everyone going there enjoying the new system, remember it was ME who got that for you.


Zoo vs Aquarium

So I have come to realize that aquariums are much more friendly and accommodating, especially to photographers. Why is this? Are the fish relaxing and make people happy, or what? You can use tripods and mono pods in aquariums They do they have rules like "when busy please do not use" which is completely fine and understandable.  Aquariums are dark with so many challenges for photography but get it right and you have created magic, get it wrong and you look like an iPhone camera person. This is where a tripod or mono-pod comes in very handy. Sure you can do hand held but why make it harder for yourself. Oh as well as having the 16-35mm I mentioned earlier.

Zoos on the other hand don't let you use tripods in certain areas because apparently "you can stand there all day" well if I want to stand at one place all day, I will. I have paid and to have one rule for one place ad not the whole place instantly contradicts itself. Also zoo staff............ and "security" not going to say much about it because if you know me, you know where I stand on that.

So far I have been to two aquariums. One is at Enoshima which I highly recommend and the other is sea paradise in Yokohama. Sea paradise is very good but comes with a high price ad can get crazy busy (put the tripod away) Keep you updated with the others I go to as I go to them.


  • Get a season pass for all the places you like, sooooooooooooo much cheaper!!
  • Get there for opening time especially on the weekends or holidays
  • F1.8 - f2.8 wide angle lens

Of course I'm not going to give you my preferred settings as that's just spoon feeding. Work it out, enjoy the practice and enjoythe adventure of learning real photography, not computer generated, layered, presets.



Aquarium shots

Getting good feedback from my aquarium shots, which is nice. Something I will continue with especially now with the hot weather around the corner. Indoors, air conditioner and peaceful.

So, a lens I want to talk about it the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 what a beast of a lens!!!! Now the mark 3 has been released leaving the mark 2 price to come down.......? NO, it is such a good lens the mark three release has hardly affected the price of the mark 2.


The focus movement happens in the barrel not outside which is just awesome and the focus distance at 16mm is crazy close, something like 0.28. This lens is perfect for aquarium photography.Yes, you do need the 2.8 not the f4. Never before has the difference of f4 to f2.8 come into play so much.

That is it for today

Have a good one


Hello and welcome back


Taking a break from the zoo due to the insanity of people. Long story short, security rent a cops are THE WORST. So stupid I cannot even continue talking about it.


So, off to the aquariums where iPhone people realize it isn't going to work and quickly give up. Saying that today was an exception. I especially liked a certain person SAT IN THE MIDDLE of the walkway taking a picture of her husband and kid AGAINST GLASS with a DARK TANK as background?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! As she looked at her camera about 10,000 times with a confused look on her face wondering why the magic box isnt working, she decided to give me a dirty look because apparently I was in her way even though she was in the way of 1,000 people. I really do not understand it.

So anyway, aquarium photography is the hardest, most challenging photography I have come across so far. So many things come into play, equipment plays a huge part in it as well as knowledge. This is a prime example of separating the men from the boys or women from the girls.

Something I read earlier this week was this "Learn a little of a lot and a lot of one thing"