Quite often I get asked why I don't photograph people very often, if not at all. Well it is simple, people are weird! They use you, they lie to you and are very selfish. Not all people of course are like this but I think a lot are.

Nowadays with all the technology available who is to say someone actually took the picture they are showing.... For example a picture that is so different in skill, quality, post work from their usual work and likes to pass it off as their own when it is obviously not or they took the shot and got someone to do the post work on it. I foresee a future of people offering to do post work for people who either A. cant be bothered to learn it or B. Cannot do photography

Excitement, youth and something new is all well and good but when that wears off and you actually get to know that person and realize what a mistake that was it is not so shiny then. One day it will bite you back and then the person that hurt you is a fucker but you were never a fucker to someone else because you think you can justify it.

My favorite now is the fact that I once again have to sacrifice people I knew and become the twat just because I believe that a system is beyond stupid and kick off about it. I get attacked, froze out and thought of as a twat but when the dust settles and meetings happen and my point is agreed upon and the system is changed am I the hero, no........ I am still the twat even thought everyone will benefit from my kick off.

ahhhhhhhhhhh who said people are strangers people are strange..........

Aquarium shots

Getting good feedback from my aquarium shots, which is nice. Something I will continue with especially now with the hot weather around the corner. Indoors, air conditioner and peaceful.

So, a lens I want to talk about it the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 what a beast of a lens!!!! Now the mark 3 has been released leaving the mark 2 price to come down.......? NO, it is such a good lens the mark three release has hardly affected the price of the mark 2.


The focus movement happens in the barrel not outside which is just awesome and the focus distance at 16mm is crazy close, something like 0.28. This lens is perfect for aquarium photography.Yes, you do need the 2.8 not the f4. Never before has the difference of f4 to f2.8 come into play so much.

That is it for today

Have a good one


Hello and welcome back


Taking a break from the zoo due to the insanity of people. Long story short, security rent a cops are THE WORST. So stupid I cannot even continue talking about it.


So, off to the aquariums where iPhone people realize it isn't going to work and quickly give up. Saying that today was an exception. I especially liked a certain person SAT IN THE MIDDLE of the walkway taking a picture of her husband and kid AGAINST GLASS with a DARK TANK as background?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! As she looked at her camera about 10,000 times with a confused look on her face wondering why the magic box isnt working, she decided to give me a dirty look because apparently I was in her way even though she was in the way of 1,000 people. I really do not understand it.

So anyway, aquarium photography is the hardest, most challenging photography I have come across so far. So many things come into play, equipment plays a huge part in it as well as knowledge. This is a prime example of separating the men from the boys or women from the girls.

Something I read earlier this week was this "Learn a little of a lot and a lot of one thing"


DSLR Sensor cleaning service

Very excited to announce a sensor cl among service coming soon. 

Taking your camera to be cleaned at Bic Camera or Yodobashi means you have to wait two weeks!!!! I personally cannot understand that as well as a steep price of 3,000 yen!!!


if you take it to canon in Shinjuku you are looking at train fare there and back as well as the cleaning it's self which is no 3,000 yen and waiting 3 hours! 


I am am going to offer a same day service. In fact get your camera to me in the morning and you are looking at 1-2 hour wait only and a price of 1,500 that's right! 


Please keep checking my site for a page on sensor cleaning service for full details.