White balance can be tricky and difficult to understand. I want to write a short tutorial on the subject to explain it in simple terms and how to use it for certain situations. After a while you just know what to use in any situation.


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                          We love it!

Daylight is my personal favorite because it is just an awesome colour temp. I use it 90% of the time. It really does depend on what you are taking a shot of and personal preference. Do not be scared of it BUT DO NOT put it in AUTO!!!!!


Shade WB is much more saturated. I use this when the weather has a very cold tone to it or if I want more saturation.


Cloudy is an in between of shade and daylight. It doesn't have to be cloudy to use it. Remember it is all about saturation/tone.


Tungsten is awesome when used correctly. It is super blue!! If you take a shot of an illuminated sign like KFC etc against the sky when it is the blue hour, the sign will be a perfect colour but the sky will be an amazing blue. Why does the sign stay not blue? Colour temp!

Wait where are the others????

These for now, practice them and if you have questions, please do feel free to ask me.